About Us

Justin Biltonen is a Country Artist and Singer Songwriter. Growing up in the heyday of classic 90’s Country sparked his passion for music. He began touring the country in 2005 and it was those late night van drives, that wandered endlessly down lonesome highways that ignited his passion for adventure and Country music. It was bands like Drive By Truckers, Waylon and Shooter Jennings, Brooks and Dunn, Shenandoah and countless other Country artists (all conjured from the soundtrack of his youth), that kept him company on those long drives. In 2013 Justin made the move to Nashville and joined the band 3 Doors Down as the bands bass player and began touring the world in support of numerous chart topping albums. That spirit of adventure and a lifetime love of the Wild West has only grown stronger over the years and is exactly what inspired the creation of Sacred West Trading Co.

With the help of long time friend and business partner Daren Searcy the two began designing and cultivating the feel and spirit of this lifestyle brand. Both adding personal and unique design aspects to the brand directly inspired by the landscape, legends and rugged adventure of the Old West.